Smart online campaigning - new and affordable for everyone.

Interaction instead of advertising: Raphael Golta, SP candidate for the Zürich city council, is the first politician to rely on KAMPATOOLS. With this step, Kampaweb brings the successful American CRM Salsa to the European political and campaigning landscapes. Online campaigns can be launched and executed quickly and inexpensively with KAMPATOOLS.

Online CRM Salsa - gain, organize, get to know and personally address contacts

Features can be added to any site with just a click, such as contact and donation forms, subscribing to and unsubscribing from newsletters, petitions, protest mail campaigns, or surveys. Every online interaction is saved directly to the Salsa database. After completion, all supporters receive a thank you and confirmation email, and organizers are notified. Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past: your newsletter group is updated automatically, and events can be arranged in short order.

Maximize impact with personalized communication

With Salsa, campaign managers can maintain their supporters efficiently and communicate via personalized email. With sophisticated statistics, successful online communication can be measured: with A/B tests, access, click-through and success rates can be optimized and donation income can be maximized. Even in the age of social media, email marketing remains the most successful online communication channel.

Open Source CMS Drupal - with technology used by the White House

Sometimes, every minute counts during campaigning. With the easy, user-friendly and flexible administration backend, you can create new contents and link them to the CRM in no time. Static information pages, news and blog posts, events, press releases, a press review, "thank you" pages and much more are standard features of KAMPATOOLS.

Modern responsive web design — displayed optimally on desktop computers, tablets and phones

The KAMPATOOLS web design sets high standards with regards to user-friendliness and can be customized according to corporate identity and corporate design of an organization. Thanks to the "mobile first" principle, the layout is 100% responsive: it adjusts automatically to the screen size of the device used. For an additional charge, the website design can also be implemented fully according to customer specifications.

Affordable packages — Advocacy and Fundraising

KAMPATOOLS is available in two different versions: with CRM/contact management, email marketing, and Advocacy features, or with an additional donation feature. Starting from CHF 8,000, you will receive a fully featured website with CRM integration; starting from CHF 12,000, a donation feature is added as well. For many organizations, this makes contemporary, database supported online campaigning affordable for the first time.

Benefit from new features

The features of KAMPATOOLS are expanded continually. As a KAMPATOOLS customer, you benefit from these updates.